How we helped Perci AI go from 0 to 83 demos in 16 weeks

Booking the first 4 demos in their first
60 minutes inside the program


Britton was working as a copywriter, but one day changed his life forever and built his own SaaS - Perci.Perci.AI helps users create Amazon listings with AI. Britton used his copywriting skills to create a powerful algorithm that could save thousands of hours of manual work. And after hundreds of hours of coding, the product did its job well.


Initially, Britton saw his target market to be freelance Amazon copywriters. He ran multiple marketing activities and reached out to freelancers on Fiverr on Upwork. Unfortunately, this approach didn’t get consistent sign-ups, and the conversion from free to paying users was below 2%.


  • No marketing plan
  • Low conversion from free to paying users
  • No system for getting new users into the product
  • Charging way lower than the product is really worth



The health of your business depends on the quality of your customers. As with all products in SaaS Camp, the first thing we began with was market positioning. When it’s challenging to convert people, it’s a signal that we’re selling to the wrong audience.The first thing we did on our Go-To-Market Strategy call was select the hungriest audience for our product who’d pay us the most. Before joining, Perci was trying to sell to freelancers who do Amazon listings. We asked a question: who will pay the most to get this problem solved? Right, those who’ll be getting the highest ROI and saving the largest amount of time: Amazon agencies, since they are doing hundreds of listings each month, and charge way more than newbie freelancers.

Getting the lead list

For each buyer persona, we want to find the channel where they’ll be the easiest to find. As our Ideal Customer Profile were Amazon agency owners, we went to LinkedIn.There, we didn’t want to sell to beginners. Our product is of zero value to guys struggling to find contracts. And it's of immense value to agencies overwhelmed with thousands of contracts. Using Sales Navigator, we filtered out agency owners in the US, EU, Australia, and Canada who’ve been in their current role for more than 2 years.

Outreach (or how the hell we booked 4 meetings in the first 60 min)

The next step was to get meetings with them. As Perci hadn’t had a lot of social proof and video testimonials, we had to build our name from scratch. Sometimes cold email campaigns bring higher reply rates when you mention success stories of your other users, however in this case we weren’t certain in our value proposition yet.
We went for a 4 message outreach sequence, as it brings a high number of replies and chats. More chats mean more market knowledge and more market knowledge leads to a better understanding of who exactly needs our product and why.
Britton took action right after our first meeting, which helped us to get his week packed with demo calls on his first day at SaaS Camp:


After we validated our buyer persona and found a repeatable way to get more prospects to book demos with us, it was about optimizing conversions at each stage of the funnel and freeing more of Britton’s time for high-leverage activities.
We installed tools to automate email research and hired a virtual assistant to handle inbox management and lead generation. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to outsource tasks that you understand inside out. Then we upgraded our landing page copy and offer which added another 10% to our booking rate.
Today, Perci has a few low-ticket plans presented on the site, but the most of the revenue is coming from the custom deals we closed with 50+ employee agencies through outbound.


  • Marketing plan with 3 working acquisition channels (cold email, partnerships, Linkedin).
  • Free plan removed with no loss of user base after month 2.
  • Customer acquisition system that brings new paying customers every day.
  • Charging above the competition, while month-over-month churn doesn’t exceed 5%.
  • 4 product demos were booked within 1 hour of joining.
  • 0 to 83 (!) product demos booked from scratch in only 16 weeks.
  • And as a sweet bonus, adding tens of thousands in recurring revenue.


*Currently we are fully booked for the next few weeks due to high demand, sorry for the inconvenience.