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You won’t need to outsource your sales or wait for leads to come from unpredictable channels.

Loved by 100+ amazing startups

This is how we'll do it:

  • Over 115 founders graduated the program
  • $54M in new
  • 1700+ product
    demos booked
    and counting
  • 15 days (avg.) before your new funnel books meetings


You know that your product deserves more customers, but your current systems won't get you where you need to be on time
You exhausted existing network
You no longer can land deals relying on your existing network
You've gone through your contact list, got a couple of referrals and it helped you close a bunch of deals. Then you did it again with less outcome. And now you've used all the connections and warm intros, and the problem has become evident:

You need to learn how to close prospects who don't know about you and don't care about your solution. And getting them to choose you instead of competitors with infinite funding is a hell of a puzzle.
Events suck
SEO and events aren't generating consistent demos
SEO is king, it's clear. But at some point, you want to know how to grow your ARR predictably. You want to grow the business using an understandable formula: "We need to invest $1 into X to get $3 out."

As for events... at first, it seems cool. But we both know you don't see your dream life commuting to God knows where just to listen to boring guests pitching their absurd stuff. After you do the maths, you spent tens of hours and $$$ to find that 8/10 leads who were so hard to find aren't qualified to buy your solution anyway.

Not easy to digest this after you realize that with the right guidance, you could get as many leads in just a few hours, spending 1% of time and effort.
Outbound is lagging behind
Your outbound campaigns aren't bringing you enough sales
You tried launching cold email and LinkedIn campaigns, but it never got you the results you wanted. You can tweak a few things here and there, but you haven't spent years diving into specifics (like we did), figuring out which numbers you should be hitting at each step and what traps you need to watch out for.

On a good day, you can get a bunch of replies. But you can't call what you're doing a "reliable and scalable system for landing more deals every new month".
Outsourcing is unreliable
You want to scale keeping your sales and marketing in-house
You know it's dangerous to outsource such vital functions of your business to external agencies.

Then, all insights from conversations with leads and specifics of your growth will not be in your knowledge base, but live in the mind of a teenager in a third-world country.

And what happens when the agency increases pricing / leaves / assigns you an unskilled contractor? Your unit economics and planning immediately go to waste. You'd rather scale via a proven, repeatable system.

We solved these. And again, and again, and again:

0 to 83 demos in 16 weeks at 27% close rate
We booked 83 demos with Britton, Founder of Perci AI in the first 16 weeks, at 27% average close rate. 4 demos were booked within 2 hours after the initial Go-To-Market session. Perci had no demos prior to joining; all results are with $0 ad spend.
Full case study
  • Went from 0 to 83
    calls in 16 weeks
  • 4 demos booked
    within 1 hour of joining
  • Close rate increased
    by 20%
  • MRR increased by
    over 300%
0 to 16 calls and 4 sales within 3 weeks after changing positioning
We helped Ilya figure out his Go-To-Market strategy and find a higher-paying audience through correct A/B testing of 4 value propositions. Startup's team booked out their calendar within 3 weeks of joining, thanks to 93% open rates and 25% positive reply rate.
Full case study
  • From 30% to 93% in open rates
  • 0 to 52 positive replies
  • demos booked in 3 weeks
  • 4 deals closed in month 1
  • Closing buyers at 10X the price after changing positioning
    Our plans were so cheap that we could not afford marketing and high cost of acquisition. This made our growth impossible. We have now 10x the price and have already sold two of our highest volume plans. Just sealed a sale which would have been $100 previously and now $1000.
  • From 0 demos to 23 BOOKED demos in 7 days
    Yes! I booked 23 meetings from LinkedIn after messaging 110 ICP from my existing contacts and from my existing customers after sending a targeted email to my users. I've been booking a demo per day now after posting on Linkedin twice per day too.
  • Going from 0% to 30% reply rate after changing outreach copy
    With the new first message changed in LinkedIn... We have again started getting replies. 2 replies so far from the 6 messages that have used this update message
  • Sale closed 6 days after sending the first cold email
    Just got my first sale! It’s been 12 days since we set up the campaign and 6 days since we started sending automated emails.
  • Close rate Increased by 20% while going from 0 to 83 booked demos
    Thanks to SaaS Camp team I've been able to get soo much farther than I would have ever gotten by myself... very quickly.
  • Clearing 7 figures with a portfolio of businesses
    My portfolio cleared 7 figures this year (gross) and having someone to pull me up a level when I get stuck in a biz was super valuable.

We are your startup's LEAD FLOW DESIGN partners

We run a 6 month program where our goal is to help you re-design your Lead Flow and help you get as many new deals as possible, so that then you'd be excited to upgrade your membership.

Our proven methodology

Month 1:

We will help you set up Data-Driven Messaging so you can start booking 15-25 meetings a week without turning your business into chaos. This will let you track what's getting you most quality meetings and scale pipeline in a predictable way.

Months 2-4: Find your Message-Market Fit

We find your Message-Market Fit by month 4 by doing more testing, volume, and focusing on the right things.

Here we identify a combination of ICP, message, timing, and persona that are converting into the highest deal size at the shortest sales cycle.


After securing consistent Lead Flow, we will focus on increasing your close rate.

For that, we will add pre-call and post-call sequences, so more prospects get pre-sold on your solution before the call and convert with a faster sales cycle. Thanks to that, it will be easier for you to scale.

*You'll get a step-by-step tour of our systems right after booking a call.

See our strategies in action

52 positive replies and 16 calls in 21 days

From 5 to 150 daily
sign-ups in 4 weeks

Ricard, Founder of Dividend Compass shares how we got his product from 5 to 150 daily sign-ups (with $0 ad spend) and talks about his experience with SaaS Camp.

8X increase in profit
in 11 weeks

Marcus from Feedbucket talks about how his confidence in his product changed after we helped him increase his profit by 8 times. We booked the first demos in week 0 and received the payment from the first cold B2B lead on day 17.

Cold lead closed 6 days after launching campaigns

Jillian, Founder of MiloTree celebrates closing the sale from cold outreach campaigns just 6 days after we launched. We helped her identify an ideal customer profile, set up campaigns, and handle objections, which brought us results that fast (PS - Jillian recorded this testimonial in her first month in the program).

And here's what the MiloTree team got to say after completing the program

Here startups grow sales. Fast. team has been working hard on their startup for more than a year. For 14 months their free users were dragging them in all ways. When they joined the program we realized we should throw away 85% of the features and double down on what has the highest chance to bring revenue: telemedicine for pet owners. In 3 weeks since our first meeting, the founders closed 4 B2B sales with veterinarian clinics.
Startup's calendar before joining VS after being inside for 6 weeks (crickets VS 17 call week)

Hit your revenue targets using strategies battle-tested by
100+ startups

You've already closed some sales in your niche, but now need to 10X it without turning business into chaos. We'll show you how to do it.

We’ve been there too

Hey, I’m Denis! I’m a serial entrepreneur, investor and a founder coach. Whichever marketing and sales struggle you can imagine - I’ve gone through it: undercharging for the product, having an empty pipeline, being afraid of sales… you name it. After getting couple startups to traction I found my passion in coaching. Since then, my strategies booked startups 1300+ product demos and brought $54M in new sales.
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  • jules getting his cold email and LinkedIn engines to work after plugging in follow-up systems
    Booked 4 demos for this week: 2x from cold email, 2x from LinkedIn outreach. Quite a step up from past weeks so definitely a #win I’m happy to share with y’all 🍾
  • David closing $5K sales from cold traffic with less than 7-day sales cycle
    Just did a $5K sale from cold email - shoutout to everyone that thinks cold email is dead in 2023


What happens after
we accept you inside

  • We get on a 1-1 call to create your custom 6 month plan
  • We help you build your campaigns via weekly group coaching sessions
  • We find top performing campaigns and double down on them to get you to your 6 month goal

Frequently Asked

So who would be doing what?

We will help you set up campaigns, get leads, will write your campaign copy, create your content plan and provide feedback on how to improve all of these every week. You / your team will handle replies to interested leads and will write actual content (such split proved to bring the best results the quickest way).

Why exactly do I need it right now?

If you have also booked 2000+ B2B SaaS demos via LinkedIn and cold email which brought you $54M in sales - most likely you're set. Otherwise, high chance you have bottlenecks preventing you from growing which you don't even know about. We'll identify those and help you scale. Please don't book a call if you're comfortable being where you are.

How much budget do I need?

Best thing about using LinkedIn and cold email is when done right, they're the cheapest channels for growing a B2B SaaS. So there is not going to be a crazy ad budget of thousands of dollars once you join. Typically we're looking at around $400 in software costs a month, and when we see something works great - founders find it reasonable to reinvest more in it.

I already have good number of sales coming from cold email and LinkedIn

This is good news since instead of starting from scratch we'd aim to 10X your results from where you are now.

At what stage DOES IT MAKE SENSE TO apply?

Right now we are designing lead flow for startups doing 3k-460k MRR. If you closed a few sales with $10K ACV or above, and are now doing 4k - 500k MRR, one of our programs will help you to close the next 100 customers quicker. Book a call to learn which one is the best fit.

Do you provide references?

No. When we used to do that, we had 20 applicants a week asking to connect them with past/current students. Because of that, their calendars were packed with our applicants and they had fewer slots for their own leads. So once you book a call, watch student interviews on this website and our YT channel so we make the most of our meeting.

Why are you doing this, if you have cheat codes to build million dollar businesses?

We love the impact we can make by helping driven founders win more. Most people on our team launched various ventures in the past, but chose to stick to what they can do best and love most.

So how much money will I add by the end?

Really depends on your current stage and situation. Book a call so we can learn more about your case and advise you.

How fast will I start seeing results?

It depends on your niche and phase. We had B2B SaaS founders book 4 demos within 1 (!!) hour after they joined. We had others book 23 demos in their first week. But be ready for things to take a couple of months before you can see the REAL output.

Do you have a guarantee?

If you complete the program and it doesn't work, we will send all your money back.

How can I trust you?

For that, don’t take our word for it. See numerous case studies, video testimonials, and community screenshots (google "SaaS Coach", you'll see me at #1). We’ve been featured in 5 publications and rely on our brand as a long-term asset. It means way more to us than any financial gain. So if for some reason it wasn’t like what you expected, we’ll just send your money back. Our team cumulatively has an audience of over 10 000 people we've built over the years across Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Plus, we have multiple guarantees to remove friction and sign contracts before onboarding founders into SaaS Camp. Also you can just open YouTube, watch 20 videos and come back.

Unlock predictable revenue for your B2B SaaS today

7 days to get started. 3 weeks until the new funnel starts generating calls (on average).

SaaS Camp Resources

  • SaaS sales script
    for 65% close rate
  • How we book 42 SaaS product
    demos a month through LinkedIn
  • Top SaaS objections and
    how to overcome them
  • Cold B2B SaaS sale
    6 days after launch
  • Lessons from scaling
    100 SaaS startups
  • How we booked 16 SaaS
    product demos in 3 weeks